Sunday, July 27, 2014

Child Counselling

Child counseling can be a classification of several problems. Solutions are possible for a seeker but in many cases parents need to be open about the problem and hence the approach can lead to solving the issue at the root cause. Most childhood problems are related to behavioral symptoms but mostly patterns also tend to worry about children achieving milestones. A case of dyslexic children or slow learners is a special one where the mode of process counseling is gentle and more focus is given on parents.

The therapies associated with child counseling need to be appreciated by parents who are the main role models for a child. Children are subject to physical and mental abuse by many people and here it is important to have a strong conviction to get back to normalcy. A healthy environment is necessary for the child to reinforce his belief in live and grow in a normal manner.

Education counseling for children is a constant process where the counselor at the school associates certain patterns and evaluates the child on his or her progress. This is important to detect certain qualities that enable a child to focus on an aspect he is good at and also overcome certain learning disabilities. Parents and teachers can complement in the progress of the child.

Abuse counseling or certain addictions in children are more of a psychological impact. The counselor gives sessions and usually children are adaptive to overcoming their demerits with distractions. Generating focus and also able them with certain hobbies  the best remedy given by the counselor. Children with terminal illness also require counseling therapy to cope up with the treatment and develop their willpower.

Children noted with ADHD or hyperactive disorder can also be introduced to a counselor who will also guide the parents or caregiver according to lessen or channelize the excess energy effectively.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

School Safety and children

There is no yardstick to measure safety but all parents seem anxious when they first send their child to school. Play school is the first interactive place and a learning phase for the parents who are sending their first child to school. Several patterns of eating, tantrums, bonding and learning emerge during this time. It is a wonderful experience to introduce the child in mother and child sessions which of late are seen as more encouraging to families.

Safety at school is usually well taken care of by authorities and school consultants. Helpers and attendants are very well aware of their duties and they are instructed time by time to update their skills. It is important for parents too, to understand who their class teacher is or helper is and as to what interaction goes on in the school. Open days and PTA meets is a great time to understand the same.

School bus or transport facility is one area where most accidents occur. However the entire responsibility does not remain with the attendant but schools must insist on able personalities to manage kids and make them sit in a secure position. The buses usually have wired barbs on the windows and there is good ventilation to protect the children. The strength of children in the bus is also important. There is a lot of peer pressure tactics in bus and hence the authorities should be responsible of the same.

Kids Safety Products : Baby skin is extremely sensitive and it is important to use premium products on the child. Treating a rash or skin infection is quite difficult as it re-occurs and also gets full blown spreading to other areas. There are certain products in soap and shampoos that are too strong for children and also result in vision problem or unexplained hair fall. The best way is to use trusted products in cosmetics and go for the patch test to detect problems.

Products and montessori materials usually come with warnings to be heeded. It is important to keep baby products beyond children’s reach and ensure the caps are well locked. Garment products for children are almost irresistible as they come with all stylized things that are required for vanity sake. But the linings or material can be of inferior clothing. Though investing in branded stuff is not always recommended it is better to use products or materials that are skin friendly.

 There are several safety products available in the market designed as per international trends. These are structured with a lot market survey on the apprehensions and demands on new parents and done with the comfort factor in mind. The beeper can be installed in the baby’s crib or pram and informs us if the baby moves. This is a boon to people who live in nuclear set ups.

 The teether keeps the child busy during the teething phase and hence the child is busy with a trusted product rather than experimenting with other dangerous things. The pram is one great innovation that helps us to be on the move and also is safe for the baby. Spacious, light weight and highly mobile the pram can be folded and also transported or put in a car.

 The car seat for the baby is very important as it helps to give a more secure position during accidents and is considered stable. Baby cribs can also be altered in height adjustments. The cloth over the crib is done with special fabric that protects the child from colliding or accidental chewing of the wood. Baby cots, baby tricycle, strollers, baby seat, high chair is all designed with clasps, hold alls and secured belts to ensure safety to the child.  
Children have falls and bruises in school during play time, recess and sports. All schools are equipped with first aid facilities and also they are aware of how to take care of a bruised child. Parents may also enquire the same. It is also important for parents to cooperate with school and understand that with kids any kind of accident is possible. In case the matter is serious the school calls for the parents to escalate the treatment.

Bullying by other kids especially older or physically more able kids is not ruled out. This happens in varied proportions all the time and parents must also counsel their child to overcome the same. Report all incidents of physical assault by other kids or teachers to let the child like school. A comprehensive learning phase that includes, academics, behavior skills, sports and extra curricular activities is important.  

Recuperating After the Accident :  Trauma felt after any accident has a psychological effect. In case the child falls off the swing or suffocates in swimming, it is more important for the parent to restore the confidence of the child. There will be several opportunities where the child will have to deal with situations alone and without assistance and hence one can educate the child about hazards but not make it habitual to live in fear. There are remedies that are available to treat accidents but timely action is needed.

Children are very impressionable and in case the child occasionally falls while attempting to walk and run, it is better to let the child raise itself. This makes them independent and also understand that cuts and bruises are a part of growing up. Children usually have a positive attitude and over protecting them will make them cowards. The essence of life is important and the spirit lies in participation. Sports often are the best way to let the child learn the game and also build his physical stamina.

Recuperating after an accident is not easy for children as they love to be on their feet. In case of hospitalization or bed rest they can have a change in attitude owing to boredom. Invest time in their growth and buy them select books. It may be required that they will be cut off from academics or their regular bondings with friends. In such a case, make it a point to be with them more and tune in their favorite videos. Invite friends over and let them interact with the same.

 A broken joint or a gash on the head does require attention and takes time to heal. Oral medicines must be given timely and it is also important to use a lot of liquids in order to flush out the toxins. Recuperating for a child restricts them from being active and they may not like the same. If allowed wheel them around to the garden or arrange to sit by the window. Let them understand that the same is temporary and they will emerge stronger.

Infants too, during their bout of flu and cold get stubborn and crave for attention. This is again a passing phase and lot of patience and innovative tricks will keep the bond strong.     

Friday, July 11, 2014

Fun Science Projects

Innovative methods of instruction are adopted in many schools. Most of the academic curriculum states facts and postulates.

 Imbibing this is often a ready made knowledge. Kids usually like a fun element in their studies. This is their much needed break and they learn faster this way. Science is one area which is academic and yet interesting. When one talks about the body and its function, kids associate it like that of a machine. Experiments are always welcome with kids. The enthusiasm is clearly seen in their excited faces as they gear up towards their lab.

 Get simple exercises for fun at home. If one wants to know by the look of an egg if it raw or cooked, all one needs to do is to spin the egg. An egg that is boiled works of a different centre of gravity and hence wobbles, whereas a raw egg has semi liquid inside and hence spins well.

 There are these simple theories which we can use in practical life so that we also understand the logic of the universe. Life actually is about chemistry and physics and we choose to take many things for granted. Creating an environment to explore brings about a democratic kind of parenting.

 We have often noticed mom in the kitchen while making a large jar of lemonade. She would usually use some boiled water to make the sugar solution. Use two glasses of water. One would be cold water and another hot water.

 Use sugar in spoonfuls or cubes. Count the cubes. It is natural that the cold water saturates into a solution quickly and does not allow many cubes to be dissolved in compares to the hot water. This is because the molecules of sugar in hot water are at a wider distance and hence move rapidly dissolving faster.

 The kids science projects are also a method for kids to draw their own conclusions. In case you want to explain photosynthesis or a complicated topic like allergy, it would be wise to first put all the theories and logics together.

 Give the kids a free hand at learning through science books or self experimentation. Divide them in groups and appoint a new team leader each week. This promotes confidence and also make it a point to award a team each month.

 The knowledge in self learning is great and kids appreciate teachers who help them stay motivated. Science projects are no more mundane and there is much to enjoy.

Care During Science Projects -
Though there is certain amount of thrill element during a science experiment the factors that relate to accidents are not unforeseen. Most times careless and being reckless is the main cause of problems during the sessions. Personal safety comes first and use an apron, gloves, goggles and cap while going to the laboratory. Understand the safety standards stipulated by the authorities. Care for your team mates safety too.

 Certain chemical reactions emit toxic chemicals and fumes are not be smelt directly. An exhaust fan is the best remedy to expel such wastes. Do not touch chemicals with bare hands as though the colour may fascinate you the effects can be harmful. Always wash your hands with soap after finishing the experiments. Keep away from fire producing and fumes emitting items i.e. by maintaining a distance.

 The property of the laboratory has also to be dealt cautiously. Use trays, protectors and shields to avoid spillage. Always work under the guidance of an expert. In case of an accident do not panic but follow instructions of the teacher. Store chemical items carefully. Label items so that it is easy for the next batch to use the same.

 Most items are also delicate and other are sharp. While using such objects wear clean gloves and maintain the precaution. Keep medicines and first aid safety within hands reach. A special person needs to appointed to keep checking for replenishing the first aid box and also maintaining a protocol of standard do and don’ts. Prior to a project it is always better to ascertain the drawbacks or probable accidents so that one can prepare for the circumstance. The labs usually have a journal for such happenings.

 A fire extinguisher is a must. Do not try out experiments in the oven or kitchen. While buying chemicals make sure to sign the declaration and heed the warning instructions. Home experiments related to flames, colouring agents, solution making are better done when elders are around to supervise. Use electricity of lower voltage and use a wooden stool. A wooden stick is absolutely necessary to discharge in case of shock.

Growing moulds can be your passion but watch out for allergies. Discard the container and do not attempt washing the same. Use disposable gloves and containers for fungus and mould formation. For the bold hearts, radiation is quite a dangerous problem and is governed by state laws. Provide for comfort of those around you if you know there are allergic and suffer from breathing sickness. The work area should be well lit, accessible and also serene to avoid hassles. Precaution is a million times necessary than cure.

Fun Chemistry Projects
Colouring is always a fun activity. How about include fire and colours together? The mixing is simple if you have the right chemical. Using Strontium Chloride in the flame results in the colour red. If you like orange then use calcium chloride and copper chloride gives you the blue colour. The colours can be easily procured in shops that deal with chemicals. Taking care and having immediate first aid facility is a prerequisite to all chemical projects.

It is true that oil and water certainly do not mix with each other. Try mixing the same and for effect use some colour to make the difference. Oil clearly floats above the water in the glass container. This is because water molecules have high cohesion and so does the oil molecules. Since there attraction to their own molecules is strong they do not combine.

Now try to use some detergent and one see that it binds well. This is because molecules of the detergent are cohesive with water and also oil. This turns out to be a mixture and hence to wash of oil stains a strong detergent is used. This experiment is real fun and also explains simple facts.

Another simple water experiment to show that temperature alters the movement of molecules is done easily. Use food colour in two separate glasses. One has hot water and the other has cold water. One can easily see the food colour mixing in the hot water faster than the cold water. Molecules move faster in hot water than in cold water.

Show the toddler the effect of precipitation while mixing water and salt and keeping it in the open. The water evaporates leaving a white precipitate. Initially the kids will love the rocky salts and want to play with it. This is also a fun way to inculcate healthy education programmes at home when outings are not possible. Kids love it when elders are mirroring their enthusiasm. Keep a journal handy and jot down your notings. In case of help you may refer to chemistry journals or also take the help of a class teacher.

There are easy to find instruments, chemical solutions and ingredients once you locate a one stop shop in your vicinity. Some chemicals are hazardous and you would need a license or a declaration. Abide by all safety standards and dedicate a separate room and certainly not your bedroom for such ad hoc experiments. Schools have complete equipped laboratory facilities with skilled experts who guide and educate on the subject.

On a boring day, use a solution of Epsom salt and water and pour it in a pan which already has black construction paper in it. Let the solution evaporate and notice precipitation of spiky shiny crystals. Now use the same with water colours. Magnify with glass and entertainment for the entire family at home is possible with fun chemistry projects.

 Presenting a Science Project
Science experiments are real fun and conclusion can be well related to life. Going in a group over the weekend for attempting science experiments would be a fun idea. The same needs to be done carefully looking for the right environment and guide. Journals and books require lot of discipline. High school is a self learning experience which promotes a child to deal with disciplinary issue. Most of timely arrangements and being a little careful of presentation will save you a lot of time in reshaping things.

Whatever we do in life is all about presentation. A simple meal looks great with garnishing. The old sofa is welcoming with colourful pillows. The same goes for presenting school projects. Find what are the parameters for judging the project. In case charts or posters would be an additional way to convey your project do so with minimalistic jargons. The best way to explain a chemical experiment would be to start by solving the chemical equation. Keep flash cards too in case they may be addressed to an audience who is not a student of science.

There are power point method of presentation that can be done with animated effects. For an exam, find what are the things that you are allowed to use. Be neat with labels, underlines and also check if you can use the fluorescent pens for highlighting.

Extempore assessments are sudden and can be embarrassing if you do not have spoken skills. Be composed when you go to the white board and start with a flow chart. Take time to do the drawings if necessary. Explaining by this method is easy as the systematic workflow is already set up.

Find facts and control the lines in the conclusion. Verify with an expert and generate opinions. Keep a slot for verification remarks and feedback.

If you need to send across the assignment, make sure the folder is neat and does not have any loose papers. Keep annexures, findings very scheduled so that there is a clear connection. Go for typed styles than a hand written one. Do not use excessive jargons or high sounding English.

Simple styles are loved by all. Diagrams, graphs are easy for the mind to accept. Research should be supported and seconded by guides. Mark references. Double proof read all material. Present with lots of open acceptance and willingness to improve with each new finding.

Science Fair And Exhibitions

Innovation is always accidental. Most of the logics come out of common sense or through experience. Also experimenting with a range of things is what human beings are endowed with. There are logics about centre of gravity, balancing and the effects of vertigo about people. Knowledge level can be enhanced only through sharing.

Many schools and colleges are realizing this that students learn when they are exposed uninhibited. Though guidance is available with experienced teachers and scholarly books the kids achieve a great thrill in doing things by themselves.

Science fair and exhibitions are all about exploring and learning new things. If one loves biology an opportunity to cover molecular science will only sharpen ones intelligence. All along in life, the brain stays young and it is up to us to keep stimulating it with various mediums of knowledge.

Active brain functioning is also the key to success and helps you overcome the mental age factor. Reading about seismology and volcanoes is knowledgeable. One need not be a scientist and achieve a doctorate as most hobbies are a fashion.

Organizing for a fair or exhibitions is a big event. With active interests from the people to display their knowledge prowess it is also important to have an efficient team that will organize the show. Smooth functioning has to be looked into. Back up plans and safety measurements are to be looked into. It is also important to secure all kinds of permissions and stipulate rules for the exhibition. The primary issue is the day and venue. Once the premise is located, adequate arrangements about shade, water and personal amenities have to looked into. Depending on the funds available the stalls are designed in unique fashion.

Kids or students will be given badges and volunteer tags should be indicated in a different colour. Stall numbers are to allotted with full names so that there are no problems and double allotment. Make provisions for viewers to stand and also make it a point to include charts and posters that are self explanatory. Entertainment is also interesting with magnet games, logic puzzles and easy chemical equations.

Food and refreshments can also be provided alongside. The viewers should be given a feed back form and a separate session to be conducted to address all their queries. In case people visit in large numbers it is very important to attend all and yet manage the crowd. Compact disks and pamphlets about future seminars, interesting facts can also be put up for sale.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Parenting Stress

Parenting can be the most difficult job to do at the moment. Ask any parent and they would tell you about the stress that is involved when looking after their kids. If you are a parent and are facing lot of stress handling your kids, then you would benefit from the tips on how to handle stresses, which are given below. Before we proceed did you know that according to medical study, stress is the root cause for all diseases?

The best method to handle parenting stress is by doing Yoga. This form of exercise helps you relax the mind and body. More importantly it teaches you to control your thoughts. Mild exercises like walking and jogging can be also done.

When you get the blood pumping inside your body and heart, the body releases toxins. This helps you to relax and calm your mind. Medication is another good technique to help in reducing parenting stress. So, no matter how stressed you are from parenting, do not forget to enjoy your parenthood. Remember you too were once a kid troubling your parents.

Now it is your turn, you ought to come out with flying colors. With the above mentioned relaxing techniques, most of you would realize what a blessing it is to be a parent.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Conflicts between Parents and Adolescents

Conflict between parents and adolescents is not a new thing. In fact, clash and arguments between these parties on different issues have become a major source of discussion and debate among psychologists and relationship experts. Teenage is a very sensitive stage. Adolescents establish new social relations outside the family, friends, colleagues and former relationships. They get a taste of freedom whereas parents still want to maintain control over their activities. This is the phase when children are most susceptible to outside influences. Parents need to tread a fine balance between control and freedom. There are different source of conflicts between parents and teens such as,

· Responsibilities including family tasks and use of money etc.

· Family relationships like relations with siblings or elder members of the family.

· Moral values such as, law enforcement or honesty or integrity etc.

· Social customs and options. One can mention time to go home, discipline and choice of friends here etc.

· Studies- study habits and academic performance etc.

Above mentioned reasons are primary sources of conflict between parents and adolescents. In teen phase, children want to have a greater degree of autonomy to make their own decisions on issues that affect them. They want to reduce the control exercised by parents on some aspects of behavior of children, especially those issues that they consider theirs. However, parents should explain to their children the establishment of standards. Parents should take into account the needs and possibilities of their children and decide accordingly. These conflicts can always be sorted out if parents display maturity and better understanding. Discipline is very important here. They should neither refuse all the demands of the kids nor should grant them excess liberty. Each demand should be considered on its merits.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Parenting Teenage Girls

Parenting teenage girls is not an easy task. As girls reach teenage, they experience lot of physical, emotional and hormonal changes. It is a very complicated stage of their lives and parents must tread cautiously while dealing with the child. Teenage girls are often prone to risky behavior and it is the job of parents to keep watchful eyes over them. The real problem arises when girls don’t feel confident enough to talk to the parents about the problems and dangers they face. She wants to tell the secrets but something or other hinders her.

The best way to tackle such situation is to become your daughter's best friend. Mothers can do a much better job at this than fathers. Mothers can act as mentors to guide their daughters. They should behave, talk and deal with their daughter in a friendly way so that child can be encouraged to share her things with the mother. Listening helps in overcoming this troubled phase. Don’t judge, condemn or pass comments on her. Just listen to her and suggest her whenever she seeks it. Allow her to share whatever she has in her mind.

The bond between mother and daughter is a very strong one. Teenage girls need emotional support and there is no one better suited to provide that than the mothers. Take care of all the emotional and physical needs of your daughter. Never ever use force with her. There is no point abusing her physically or emotionally. This can lead to disastrous consequences. At the end of the day, remember that she is your daughter and you must let her know that you love her and you are always there for her. Care for her, spend time with her and be patient.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Tips for Healthy Parents and Teens Relationship

It is never an easy task for parents to handle teenagers. This is such a phase when the teen is going through lot of changes in physical, mental, emotional and environmental aspect. He is being exposed to a new world and he seeks freedom. Quite often, relationship between parents and teens take a negative turn which results into a long term issues between both parties. But if the parents manage to handle kids in an appropriate manner, the bond is strengthened. To forge a good relationship with your teenager, you must be involved. This involvement refers to finding out his likes and dislikes. There are plenty of things parents and teens can do together which helps your teen in opening up to you and consider you as a friend.

Parents should not be overly strict or liberal with the teens. There must be a balance between two extremes. Be strict when required and at the same time don’t impose yourself for every small reasons. Parents must make efforts to communicate on a daily basis. Ask them about their career preferences, social circle, schools, colleges etc. It creates an atmosphere of trust.

It is important for parents to actively show concern for their teen. Parents must strive to be a friend to their kids. Teenagers must be handled with care and caution. Parents should also assume the role of a mentor for their teenagers. Finally, once a week parents should take out their teen alone and have heart-to-heart conversation.