Wednesday, July 16, 2014

School Safety and children

There is no yardstick to measure safety but all parents seem anxious when they first send their child to school. Play school is the first interactive place and a learning phase for the parents who are sending their first child to school. Several patterns of eating, tantrums, bonding and learning emerge during this time. It is a wonderful experience to introduce the child in mother and child sessions which of late are seen as more encouraging to families.

Safety at school is usually well taken care of by authorities and school consultants. Helpers and attendants are very well aware of their duties and they are instructed time by time to update their skills. It is important for parents too, to understand who their class teacher is or helper is and as to what interaction goes on in the school. Open days and PTA meets is a great time to understand the same.

School bus or transport facility is one area where most accidents occur. However the entire responsibility does not remain with the attendant but schools must insist on able personalities to manage kids and make them sit in a secure position. The buses usually have wired barbs on the windows and there is good ventilation to protect the children. The strength of children in the bus is also important. There is a lot of peer pressure tactics in bus and hence the authorities should be responsible of the same.

Kids Safety Products : Baby skin is extremely sensitive and it is important to use premium products on the child. Treating a rash or skin infection is quite difficult as it re-occurs and also gets full blown spreading to other areas. There are certain products in soap and shampoos that are too strong for children and also result in vision problem or unexplained hair fall. The best way is to use trusted products in cosmetics and go for the patch test to detect problems.

Products and montessori materials usually come with warnings to be heeded. It is important to keep baby products beyond children’s reach and ensure the caps are well locked. Garment products for children are almost irresistible as they come with all stylized things that are required for vanity sake. But the linings or material can be of inferior clothing. Though investing in branded stuff is not always recommended it is better to use products or materials that are skin friendly.

 There are several safety products available in the market designed as per international trends. These are structured with a lot market survey on the apprehensions and demands on new parents and done with the comfort factor in mind. The beeper can be installed in the baby’s crib or pram and informs us if the baby moves. This is a boon to people who live in nuclear set ups.

 The teether keeps the child busy during the teething phase and hence the child is busy with a trusted product rather than experimenting with other dangerous things. The pram is one great innovation that helps us to be on the move and also is safe for the baby. Spacious, light weight and highly mobile the pram can be folded and also transported or put in a car.

 The car seat for the baby is very important as it helps to give a more secure position during accidents and is considered stable. Baby cribs can also be altered in height adjustments. The cloth over the crib is done with special fabric that protects the child from colliding or accidental chewing of the wood. Baby cots, baby tricycle, strollers, baby seat, high chair is all designed with clasps, hold alls and secured belts to ensure safety to the child.  
Children have falls and bruises in school during play time, recess and sports. All schools are equipped with first aid facilities and also they are aware of how to take care of a bruised child. Parents may also enquire the same. It is also important for parents to cooperate with school and understand that with kids any kind of accident is possible. In case the matter is serious the school calls for the parents to escalate the treatment.

Bullying by other kids especially older or physically more able kids is not ruled out. This happens in varied proportions all the time and parents must also counsel their child to overcome the same. Report all incidents of physical assault by other kids or teachers to let the child like school. A comprehensive learning phase that includes, academics, behavior skills, sports and extra curricular activities is important.  

Recuperating After the Accident :  Trauma felt after any accident has a psychological effect. In case the child falls off the swing or suffocates in swimming, it is more important for the parent to restore the confidence of the child. There will be several opportunities where the child will have to deal with situations alone and without assistance and hence one can educate the child about hazards but not make it habitual to live in fear. There are remedies that are available to treat accidents but timely action is needed.

Children are very impressionable and in case the child occasionally falls while attempting to walk and run, it is better to let the child raise itself. This makes them independent and also understand that cuts and bruises are a part of growing up. Children usually have a positive attitude and over protecting them will make them cowards. The essence of life is important and the spirit lies in participation. Sports often are the best way to let the child learn the game and also build his physical stamina.

Recuperating after an accident is not easy for children as they love to be on their feet. In case of hospitalization or bed rest they can have a change in attitude owing to boredom. Invest time in their growth and buy them select books. It may be required that they will be cut off from academics or their regular bondings with friends. In such a case, make it a point to be with them more and tune in their favorite videos. Invite friends over and let them interact with the same.

 A broken joint or a gash on the head does require attention and takes time to heal. Oral medicines must be given timely and it is also important to use a lot of liquids in order to flush out the toxins. Recuperating for a child restricts them from being active and they may not like the same. If allowed wheel them around to the garden or arrange to sit by the window. Let them understand that the same is temporary and they will emerge stronger.

Infants too, during their bout of flu and cold get stubborn and crave for attention. This is again a passing phase and lot of patience and innovative tricks will keep the bond strong.