Friday, July 30, 2010

Tips for Healthy Parents and Teens Relationship

It is never an easy task for parents to handle teenagers. This is such a phase when the teen is going through lot of changes in physical, mental, emotional and environmental aspect. He is being exposed to a new world and he seeks freedom. Quite often, relationship between parents and teens take a negative turn which results into a long term issues between both parties. But if the parents manage to handle kids in an appropriate manner, the bond is strengthened. To forge a good relationship with your teenager, you must be involved. This involvement refers to finding out his likes and dislikes. There are plenty of things parents and teens can do together which helps your teen in opening up to you and consider you as a friend.

Parents should not be overly strict or liberal with the teens. There must be a balance between two extremes. Be strict when required and at the same time don’t impose yourself for every small reasons. Parents must make efforts to communicate on a daily basis. Ask them about their career preferences, social circle, schools, colleges etc. It creates an atmosphere of trust.

It is important for parents to actively show concern for their teen. Parents must strive to be a friend to their kids. Teenagers must be handled with care and caution. Parents should also assume the role of a mentor for their teenagers. Finally, once a week parents should take out their teen alone and have heart-to-heart conversation.