Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Parenting Teens

If parenting is a great source of joy then it is also a complicated responsibility. Right from the time when the baby is born, parents have to work double hard to make sure baby is well taken care of. But perhaps the most difficult phase is parenting teen. Teenage has always been considered as very complicated for both parents as well as the teens. It is a stage between childhood and adulthood.

Adolescents are not adults yet and at the same time, they have left the childhood behind. Every aspect of a teenager’s life changes drastically. Peer pressure comes into effect, doing things own way becomes the single most important factor, hormones run wild and he also has to face harsh realities of the world. Some of the common teenage problems worldwide are alcohol, drugs, sex, violence and peer-pressure. When a child reaches teenage, parents needs to be on their toes all the time.

Turning teens into well adjusted adults is a great challenge for any parents. Parenting teens is a process that demands understanding, friendly attitude and patience. It’s not as if only parent are worried when a child turns teen.

A teenager is also worried about number of things right from wearing the right clothes, peer pressure to fitting in at school, body changes and hormones. It is important for parents to build a good relationship with their teens. The process should begin with understanding your teen as your friend. Shouting, scolding etc will not help the cause. In fact, these methods can further worsen the situation. A teen needs to be understood by his parents.

Parents should ensure that teen is taking personal responsibility. They should be praised for right actions and choices. Parents should not make rigid rules. Rules are subject to change as child grows old. There is no point treating a sixteen years old teen the way you treat six years old.

If anything about your teen is making you uncomfortable, try discussing it. It is important not to lose your calm during the discussion. Give selective freedom to your teen but also make it clear that they will be responsible for consequences of their choices. Sometimes, parenting involves making unpopular decisions but stick to them. It will only be beneficial for your teen in the long run. Communicate on a daily basis and once in a week, take him out alone.