Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Conflicts between Parents and Adolescents

Conflict between parents and adolescents is not a new thing. In fact, clash and arguments between these parties on different issues have become a major source of discussion and debate among psychologists and relationship experts. Teenage is a very sensitive stage. Adolescents establish new social relations outside the family, friends, colleagues and former relationships. They get a taste of freedom whereas parents still want to maintain control over their activities. This is the phase when children are most susceptible to outside influences. Parents need to tread a fine balance between control and freedom. There are different source of conflicts between parents and teens such as,

· Responsibilities including family tasks and use of money etc.

· Family relationships like relations with siblings or elder members of the family.

· Moral values such as, law enforcement or honesty or integrity etc.

· Social customs and options. One can mention time to go home, discipline and choice of friends here etc.

· Studies- study habits and academic performance etc.

Above mentioned reasons are primary sources of conflict between parents and adolescents. In teen phase, children want to have a greater degree of autonomy to make their own decisions on issues that affect them. They want to reduce the control exercised by parents on some aspects of behavior of children, especially those issues that they consider theirs. However, parents should explain to their children the establishment of standards. Parents should take into account the needs and possibilities of their children and decide accordingly. These conflicts can always be sorted out if parents display maturity and better understanding. Discipline is very important here. They should neither refuse all the demands of the kids nor should grant them excess liberty. Each demand should be considered on its merits.